Fertility and Pregnancy Health


Fertility healthcare is core to Ascent Acupuncture from puberty to menopause, and specifically for couples when thinking about conceiving. I have continued my ongoing study for over a decade in this field, in both Traditional Chinese Medicine and understanding the current Western Medical Assisted Reproductive Technologies. Acupuncture and TCM have been shown to have positive benefits in men's and women's fertility health, whether trying to conceive naturally,[1] or using Assisted Reproductive Technologies.[2] Research is promising and shows acupuncture can be beneficial to:

  • regulate hormones
  • support ovulation
  • increase blood flow to the uterus and improve uterine lining
  • improve sperm quality and function[3]
  • lower stress hormones[4]
Ideally the basis of TCM is to strengthen your body for 2-3 cycles or possibly more, before trying to conceive for optimum pregnancy and baby health.


During pregnancy acupuncture is shown to be a safe,[5] effective and drug-free approach to assist with conditions that can arise such as morning sickness,[6] hip, back and pelvic girdle pain,[7] reflux, high blood pressure, anxiety and insomnia. It has also been shown to be a positive therapy in assisting the turning of breech and posterior position babies[8] .

Pre-birth Treatments

From week 36/37 acupuncture can be utilized to prepare the mother and her body for labour. Research has shown acupuncture at this time can influence cervical ripening and thus possibly reduce the rates of postdate inductions[9], as well as reducing the possible need for medical interventions, hence assisting women to have normal vaginal births[10]. Acupressure points used during labour are very successful aids for natural pain relief and other requirements. I am happy to teach a woman's support people these techniques.


After the birth physical and emotional symptoms may be compounded due to the birth and huge changes in the couple’s life. At this time acupuncture may address the acute physical issues, assist with breast health for breastfeeding, strengthen the mother’s energy and assist in the emotional transition of being a parent. Mild to severe postnatal depression is common and very valid. Along with acupuncture it is important you talk to someone such as your GP or Maternal Health Services.


I regularly do talks at antenatal groups on how TCM, acupuncture and acupressure can assist at this wonderful time. If your group is interested in this service, please contact me.


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